Choosing the Right Marketing Agency Can Make or Break Your Business

Digital marketing has been overcomplicated, hard to trace, and ineffective for businesses. Some companies can afford to dedicate an annual budget to marketing without being impacted by its return on investment. On the other hand, small businesses feel the impact of every misused dollar in marketing. Agencies have been inconsistent, dishonest, and costly. 

Enter Rain Digital…..  

Born from the separate experiences of a former marketing professor, former agency owner, and the CEO of Rain Corp, Rain Digital was created to fill a gap in the market. After numerous no-show meetings with potential agencies, we realized that there was a lack of dependability and he wanted to fill that gap. 

Other team experiences in the market included: lack of return on investment, lack of succinct business processes, and lack of integrity (Reporting). Those experiences helped mold our new phased and strategic approach that builds on the pillars of research, targeting, and analytics. This provides us an opportunity to approach the market in a way the informed consumer expects through:  

  • Business Assessment (Current State) 
  • Strategic Implementation (Targeting) 
  • Data Analysis (Reporting & Audit) 

At Rain Digital, we are passionate about helping businesses turn marketing from a cost center to a profit center then turning keys over to you. Digital marketing should be about more than just clicks and impressions, it should be about creating a market presence that efficiently targets the people intended to get the desired results.  

Stop throwing money at marketing and transform it from a cost center to a strategic profit asset.  

It’s time to Rain it in.

Meet the Leadership Team

Jon Clayton

Jon Clayton is the President at Rain Digital and a former Marketing Lecturer at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University’s Indianapolis Campus. Jon has over 20 years of Sales and Marketing experience with over 10 years in digital marketing, 14 years in Retail, and 10 in B2B. He works with many small business owners and brands to strategically enhance their online presence and drive revenue. Jon has a Bachelor’s in Business with a Marketing concentration as well as a Master’s Degree in Business Management.

Danyelle Christie, MBA, CSSGB, ASBC 

Danyelle Christie is the Director of Marketing at Rain Digital, bringing 10+ years of digital marketing experience and 14 years of business development experience to the team. Danyelle graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor’s in Business Management with a minor in Psychology, and earned her Master of Business Administration degree from the University of North Florida with a concentration in eBusiness. Additionally, Danyelle is certified in Six Sigma for process improvement, and is a certified small business consultant through the AASBC. She has a passion for business development and has helped countless businesses over the years in industries ranging from healthcare to retail to education. She excels at switching gears and developing creative, unique, and effective marketing strategies for businesses by leveraging multi-industry expertise.