4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Hire a Marketing Manager

Business owners are quickly realizing how important it is to build their digital presence in 2022. They’re also learning how complicated and time consuming digital advertising has become. So, it’s not surprising we’re seeing a lot of ads for marketing managers this year.

What is surprising, however, is how much these companies are expecting from a marketing manager role. Expecting one person to develop your brand, clarify your messaging, write all of your content, build your website, handle and develop designs, manage your internet ads, maintain your social media channels, and still have the time and capacity to analyze data, forecast and strategize…it’s just not realistic.

It’s like asking an architect to design your home, then asking them to come lay the foundation, install plumbing and electric, build the walls, paint, and manage your landscaping. There’s a reason each of these jobs are contracted to specialty experts.

You need a team of experts, and there’s a better way to get it than hiring in-house.

The Cost

Hiring a marketing employee is expensive. You’re committed to paying a full salary and benefits for years, and that’s if things go well. But, given the demands of the role you’re expecting, it’s likely they’ll quit and you’ll lose time and money finding and training a new employee.

But, wait, there’s more. Your marketing manager isn’t going to be able to get much done without the right digital tools. So, expect to be shelling out for graphic design tools, marketing databases, listing directory management, Google Ads accounts, and social media campaigns.

Specialty Expertise

Having a team of specialty experts, means you can excel at each task far more than any marketing generalist. Just as you wouldn’t have your architect install your plumbing and electric, you shouldn’t want your graphic designer managing your website and SEO. Having specialty experts assigned to each task not only eliminates juggling and distraction, it also expedites the process, much like an assembly line. 

Time Management

You may think that it’ll be quicker to grow your business if you have one person solely dedicated to your brand. But, many business owners don’t take into consideration how long it takes to hire a new employee. It typically takes 4-6 weeks to find the right person for the role. It takes time to develop the job description and negotiate contracts. They’ll typically need to give their current job 2 weeks notice before they can start, and then training begins. You’re looking at about 3 months before you see progress on any marketing initiatives, and when the projects start, they’re bottlenecked through the constraints of one person.

2 Heads Are Better Than 1

From a creativity standpoint, the quality of content is always much better when there are multiple people on the team working together.

The Solution? Hire A Marketing Agency!

  • Half the cost of hiring a marketing employee
  • You get a team of specialty experts working on your projects
  • Agencies have an abundance of marketing tools already at their disposal
  • No need to worry about HR and benefits
  • Not chained to a salary for years

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